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Blowing It Scenario #26-Immigration, A Failure Of Economics And Diplomacy.

Where Do You Stand On Immigration?

Their are always two sides to every coin and at least that many sides to every debate. Currently the senate is in that process this week. They will be debating on immigration. On the one hand our country was built on immigration. Most every country at some point was. However this day and age you have countries that are literally connected to each other, yet the economic difference in each country might be staggering. On top of that you have massive failures in diplomacy creating war zones around the world. Where the innocent just want to get to a country they can just safely raise a family. Granted their are always going be a few bad apples that won’t obey the rules in their new country┬ábut their numbers are minute. And their actions are only compounded when they are ostracized from their new societal home. It’s the mammalian brain, the fight or flight response, and they already flew.

Let’s face it when people are pushed to their limit in their country of origin. They are going to go looking for a new home, it’s just human nature. I think that is where the debate begins. It’s a human right to explore this wonderful globe of ours. Yet we construct these imaginary lines to keep out the boogy men and to protect what is “ours.” Since we’re no quite there. We have to look at all the options. I don’t think we should just cast people out. I also know there are situations where the economics just can’t support an influx of new comers. So their does have to be checks and balances. Maybe a system of longer visa’s to see if the person wanting to immigrate to said country can assimilate into that society and contribute. That would need to be proceeded by a very thorough screening process. Assess them at the end of the visa, say 2 years, and if they are a productive member of society, give them ten. Then after ten they can receive tenure.

Or we could just open all boarders. Make every immigration like a sports trade. For every two of yours, we’ll give you two of ours. Create a waiting list. We really just have to make the legal process available to all. I always thought it would be cool to move to Norway but I know their is a process to it. I can’t just fly their and get myself a job and partake in all their social programs. That’s just not how it works and that is fair. They have their own citizen to look after and care for. I don’t think it’s too hard to understand the idea of stopping illegal immigration and it’s also not too hard to understand people wanting to leave their country for a better life either. We just have to find a common ground and hopefully the senate can make that happen.

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