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Blowing It Scenario #24-Attacks On The Police-Failing To Understand They Protect And Serve

Cops Literally Keep Society In Line Without Them, Their Would Be Chaos.

Two Ohio police officers were shot and killed yesterday responding to a 911 hangup. It was a domestic abuse call, the officers were there just to make sure everything was alright and were gunned down upon arrival. Domestic violence are some of the most dangerous calls. The rage within the suspect is redirected towards the officers, who are there to protect the innocent lives. The wife in this case was so scared of her husband that she was hiding in the bushes to call 911 to inform them her husband shot the police officers responding to the call.

This is not an isolated incident. These kind of things happen often. Just in Washington State last month an officer responding to a break in during the middle of the afternoon was shot and killed in pursuit of the suspects. Why? Because a couple drug addicts, who already burden the system by¬†giving absolutely nothing back to society, only taking, in the the form of robbing and stealing in order to get their next fix. Police Officers, are men and women who put their lives on the line every single day, just so we can walk to the store and not get mugged. So we can send our kids to school and not have to constantly worry if they’ll come home that day. So we can drive the streets at night and not have to worry about getting in a head on collision with a drunk driver.

If you think the police are bad or out to get you. First off you are wrong and need to take a look at your own actions. Second imagine the alternative. Pure anarchy. Every action a police officer takes is one to protect something. If you think a police officer is out to get you or trying to attack you. You just might be too ignorant to understand that you are the one posing a threat to something or someone. Some actions you do may seem so minute that they don’t warrant any counter action from an officer, that you might even question why an officer would target you. The reason being, prevention is the highest form of safety. If an officer can stop something before it escalates, they have done their job, and everyone gets to go home with their lives intact and have dinner with their families that evening.

It’s that ticket you received for speeding in a school zone, it’s that DUI arrest. It’s that questioning when you look out of place in a nice neighborhood, heck any neighborhood. It’s that knock on the door when their are loud noises or yelling coming from your home. These small actions may have prevented a child from getting hit by a car, a multi-fatal accident on the highway, a double homicide break in your neighborhood, or a murder suicide domestic dispute. Who know how many crimes these man and women truly prevent in any given day. Just so we can live happy, healthy lives. We live in one of the most peaceful times in human history, and if you don’t believe so, read “The Better Angels of Our Nature.” The police are a big reason we have that peace. So if you see an officer of the law, even if it’s when he or she is giving you a ticket. Be sure to thank them for there service, because even if at times it doesn’t seem like they are protecting you, they are protecting someone around you. Which is also contributing to your peace and safety.

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