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Blowing It Scenario #22-Hypocrisy

Blowing It Through The Act Of Claiming To Have Moral Standards Or Beliefs To Which One’s Own Behavior Does Not Conform.

Hypocrisy runs rampant in our society. More often then not though it comes from people of positions of power and influence. From the celebrities touting their newest cause, one that is preferably popular at the moment. They’ll take their stand on the issues, while providing years of previous hypocritical actions to fully negate their new found worthy actions. To the patriarchs of the family. We have all been hypocritical at some point, especially parents. We’ll tell children not to drink, don’t do drugs, eat your vegetables, never say a bad word and so on and so forth. Meanwhile we’re at the dinner table, eating a porterhouse steak (no veggies of coarse) and washing it down with a cold beer. Cursing like a sailor as we’re finally heading the door to party all night long. As much as it seems harmless enough as long as you continue telling your kids, “don’t do what daddy does.” It really isn’t, you will have to lead by example, not by hypocritical suggestions. Parents are and will always be the main role models in their children’s lives. It’s not do as I say not as I do. It really is do as I do.

Now government, government is where the real demons of hypocrisy hid. The men and women who make the rules we must abide by. Often can’t seem to stick to their own moral high ground. From the anti LGBT Republican Senator caught have gay sex in his office. To the most recent story that came out today about the Utah Republican Representative who fought for tougher penalties against prostitution while allegedly soliciting sex from a prostitute. Using tax payer money to buy hotel rooms to hook up with said prostitute. That’s not only hypocrisy, these are crimes. Not just the soliciting of sex either. I’m talking about the outright theft of tax payer money. He’ll probably just get a slap on the wrist and all we be forgotten.

Tax payer theft is so prevalent yet we really don’t know how deep it goes. The governing body that polices it, is the same people in charge. I could be wrong though, all elected officials could be noble in their pursuits, except for just a few bad apples. However if you run for office on a certain message and when you get elected because of that message. Then go on to disregard everything you stood for, that is a form a tax payer theft. When you take air force one to travel Europe on your honeymoon and call it a “business trip” that is a form of theft. When you want to put a 24 million dollar toilet on that same jet. That is a form of theft. And when you stand for fiscal responsibility yet burden tax payers unnecessary spending that is hypocritical theft.

If you say you want smaller government make it happen, start with your own job. Give your bloated salary and all the benefits back to the people. I’m also not saying you should be able to except money from a business, yours or any others, while writing laws that benefit that business either. As a matter of fact no one should write laws that directly effect a business or company they have ever been associated with. Law makers should make the average american salaries only then will it remove the hypocrisy. Put a cap on all campaign contribution. Since clearly that presents a major conflict of interest, when a lawmaker receives millions from one donor. A donor cap and salary cap may help to level the playing field. Because as of now how can an elected official who makes a couple hundred thousand a year with full unlimited benefits, who can take up to six months off. How can they understand the plight of the mothers and fathers who work might work two jobs each just to put food on the table and maybe cover medical expenses and receives no time off? The system is already set up to be┬áripe for the abuse of power. And isn’t that often what hypocrisy is? An abuse of power.

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