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Airport Security (Blowing It Scenario #134)

It’s Becoming More Difficult And Taking Far More Time Than Any Other Form Of Transportation Just To Take A Short Flight Anywhere. Now It’s About To Only Get Worse.

Gone are the good ole days when going to the airport was an event. An enjoyable one at that. You could walk your loved one all the way to their flight to see them off. Or you could stand at their gate to patiently await their arrival to welcome them in with open arms. All it took was a simple metal detector check point crossing and away you went. You could spend the whole day together just enjoying each others company in the airport. Taking in a meal at a restaurant while watching the planes take off and land. And when it was their time to leave you said your goodbyes at the very last possible second when the airline employee took their tickets and wished them a good flight. Now a days a root canal could be more enjoyable than what it takes to get through an airport. Not to mention all the time it now takes away from your life.

If you want to take a short flight to the next state over. It nearly takes an entire day to get there. First you must get to the airport and unless you live right next door, tack on roughly an hour. Airport security suggest arriving two to three hours prior to flight just so you can hurry up and wait to eventually get objectified by an x-ray machine that blast you with radiation in order to scan and expose your entire body. Seeing everything beyond your clothing. Manned by some random stranger behind closed doors. And if they find an anomally or choose you randomly. Get ready to be physically violated by another stranger laying hands upon your body. Once you get through that madhouse. You get to patiently await news that you are one of the lucky few that your flight will be leaving on time today. However if your on the end of a delay. Congratulations you get to spend your day trapped in an airport till the company causing your delay finds you an alternative solution. Who cares that you could have spent your day enjoying your vacation or slept in. Maybe even got a little more time with your loved ones. Nope, your stuck now because you already crossed the security check point. No more coming and going as you please. Now you get to spend double what you usually would on food and drinks to provided much needed sustainance and to pass the time. Once your flight is ready to go, you get to enjoy the hour long boarding process hopefully the lugguge is loaded and the plane refueled quickly. So you can join the wait in the que of other planes taxing to your runway to take off as well. This can also take hours to get through. Now your locked in a stationary, highly confined box just waiting. No food or refreshments served at this time. And try to hold that pee till after take off. Once you finally get to your destination a better part of your day has passed. A one hour flight easily could turn into a twelve hour process. If this destination is a layover, better hope to goodness you didn’t miss your connecting flight due to these delays. That could open a whole new can of worms that could decimate your entire vacation altogether. Especially since you are only given a brief repreave from work to enjoy that one week out of the year you get free.

Now even the airport staff is losing it. Over the weekend an airport employee took it upon himself to steal a commercial plane from from Sea-Tac airport near Seattle Washington. With no flight training what so ever he managed to take off do some pretty incredible manuvers of a commercial jetliner including entire loops while inflight. After about an hour in the air and with the air Force hot on his trail he than crash landed on a secluded part of ketron island in the Puget sound killing just himself. It’s a wild story that will most likely introduce a whole new security protocol for airline employees that will most likely transend into the common travelers lives. Travelling the world is still one of the best things you can do in life. Seeing and experiencing different cultures is an incredible education in exceptance, emotional intelligence and it’s tremendously fulfilling. But is it too much to ask to make it a better, more enjoyable process along the way? Maybe that means airports create a better entainment area, one that allows everyone and only has security to just get to the gates. In that entertainment area they could have a timer on how long it will take to get through security and to your gate and have constantly updated flight info. So you no longer have to be trapped beyond security if you don’t want to be. Maybe a little more leg room and shoulder room on the planes while we’re at it. Scratch that a lot more room. And arm rest for all.

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