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Body Dysmorphia (Blowing It Scenario #133)

Fixating So Intently On Perceived Flaws Throughout Your Body, Is Truly A Losing Battle.

Body dysmorphia is a mental illness that involves an obsessive focus on perceived flaws in ones appearance. Many throughout the years have developed these complexes through advertisement within media. This one has fuller lips, a bigger butt, better breast, prettier eyes, more pronounced check bones, tighter skin, more chiseled abs. The list goes on and on. Fixate on any one of these things and you can send yourself down a rabbit hole of reduced body image to the point where you’re body shamming of yourself as well as others. And when you do that it perpetuates this ceaseless self inflicted harm. Harm that you could control just by accepting yourself as well as others in all our forms. When you create an environment of acceptance, all perceptions blend to create a wholesome view of the world around you. Perception is simply what you make of it. You no longer envy what others have, you are uniquely you, and they are uniquely themselves and it’s a beautiful thing. Life itself is the gift. The grass may sometimes seem greener on the other side. But value your lot higher before assessing others. You might be missing tremendous unseen worth.

Recently a story came out that more and more people were experiencing this phenomenon of body dysmorphia. It came by way of Snapchat filters that can distort your image to look like what one might perceive as better or more attractive. Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So individuals are getting plastic surgery in the attempt to look more like their computer generated images. It’s almost like walking into a hall of mirrors and choosing the image that best fits. Completely neglecting the authenticity of their, perfect the way it is, image. Apps are now destroying self image with the click of a button and people are buying into the lie. Don’t fall into this trap. Nor any other form of media that tells you need to be anything other than who you are.  If you are easily influenced and tend to succumb to such pressures of image, avoid these sites all together. Trust me you will be far happier when you’re not worrying about what others may think of you or carrying the load of a distorted view of yourself. Instead let it go. Be happy in your skin.

It’s healthy to want to improve but there are limits to all things, moderation is key. Do it naturally do it organically and don’t base it off false perceptions of yourself and or others. Lastly as a disclaimer, those who truly have issues they need to repair on their body. This does not pertain to you. Fix what needs fixing. It’s the superficial flaws I discuss here.


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