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Underestimating The Power Of Words (Blowing It Scenario #130)

Words Hold Tremendous Power Over Us. How Is It We Give Them Such Incredible Meaning?

Words can be the alpha and the omega. The beginning and the end. They can be beautifully elagant or disasterously repugnant. They can help you obtain love of the one you fancy most or they can destroy the foundations of relationships long established. They can employ you and empower you. They can give cause to fire you or fight you. They can enlighten you and educate you. They can depress you and demoralize you. They can start and end wars. You can live or die by the choice of words you choose. They can be hateful or loving. The same words can have different meanings in different context. They can offend and be hard to comprehend. They can be supportive, complimentary, and congratulatory. You can use them to commend or reprimand. They can condesend and cast doubt. They’re both humorous and sad. You can use words to express joy and elation. They can be hurtful or pleasurable. You can use a depressing dialog one filled with sorrow and pain. Or you can use an uplifting optimistic dialog filled with positivity and hope. You will ruminate over them and dissect them. Say the wrong thing and you may pay for it for life, or with life. Say the right thing and it can give you an abundance in that same life.

Singular words can offend whole cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations. N word, C word, F word, B word. List the alphabet a to z and you’ll probably find a word for every corresponding letter that will offend another in some shape or form.

Recently the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy was fired from his post for derogatory comments made in jest over a decade ago. Those comments have since been deleted. It was a misguided attempt at humor that does not represent the director to this day. But words can transend time, written word will be around long after your gone and now if they’re posted on the internet they may very well survive through any and all effort of removal. And the words the director once uttered have since cost him his job. To the dismay of his co-workers and many others who have worked with him through the years. It’s a valuable lesson to learn, so valuable it may cost this man millions.

Always be careful about what you say and who you say it too. Be slow to cast judgement. Think before speak. Ask yourself of how it will effect others. If we can speak or write we will all make mistakes at some point, it’s human nature. Be swift to forgive those who express remorse. Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the most important ones. And it often comes through your own trial and error. Be patient with yourself and others. Remember the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words…well words just might be the reason for those sticks and stones and broken bones. Chose to use them wisely.

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