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Ego Traps (Blowing It Scenario #121).

I Dare You, What Are You Chicken?

This the battle cry of thousands of decisions gone awry. It’s the epitome of poor choices lead by pride and ego. No one wants to feel diminished to less than they are. Sometimes we expose a weakness of our will or fortitude and will see being pressed by others as a challenge to prove that we are more than capable for the task at hand. But that over confidence in our ability is often our ego not willing to relent or take the hit.

Why must we prove ourselves to another for the sake of their enjoyment or entertainment. We only need to prove to ourselves that we’re capable of whatever we set our minds to. And in just knowing within ourselves that we’re more than capable, we never have to show another that we can do something because we already know we can.

Make it your own decision of how you display yourself to the world. Will you be trapped in what others may want you to do, challenged by your ego or pride? Or will you do what you want what feels right to you. If someone ever challenges you to a dare tell them you know you could do it but won’t for them. Instead let them fall on their own sword. Ego is strong but will is stronger.

However ego is never fully gone. There’s a catch to zen mastery. If your trying to let go of the ego, it takes ego to obtain such results. To try is to work with your ego to attempt to vanquish it. Don’t work against it. Just be in the moment and you’ll reach a happier state.

I believe Benjamin Franklin in his attempt to master what he believed to be thirteen virtues. One of which was humility. He stated that the pursuit of humility is never achieved because once one achieves it they become prideful of their accomplishment. Hense defeating that virtue of humility. You can be proud but also try to stay humble, show you can exercise humility even in the smallest of decisions. And celebrate that you did. Be proud of not having to demonstrate your pride or ego.

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