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Indecision (Blowing It Scenario #116).

A Lack Of Decision Making Skills.

How often do we go through life debating with ourselves about what we truly want, only never to land on a definitive answer? This is the crux of the problem with indecision. We find ourselves stuck in neither what we want and can’t seem to find exactly what we don’t want either. Indecision sometimes just feels so safe and comforting, like you can just curl up and sleep in it’s warm inviting embrace. You don’t have to be weighed down with the pressure of having to make a decisions for yourself.

Decision making can be scary, there are so many variables that can arise from that proposition. Did you make the right one? What will others think? Will you be happy with that final decision? Everything from that point on falls squarely on you shoulders. You are the decision maker and what you say goes. It’s a tremendous amount of power you wield in your own life and definitely one of high pressure and stress. But doesn’t it just sound so much more of an amazing life than sitting idle in complacency?

We have so much power to control the trajectory of our lives, yet we under utilize it or differ it to another by not making decisions for ourselves. From the onset of morning, till you lay your head down in the evening. Everyday choose how you will create that day. What you will do, how you will do it. Will it be a positive progression? Will you make a difference in other peoples live? Make the decision and act on it.

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