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Beating The Back Of A Passenger’s Seat Because They Reclined On A Flight. Avoiding Blowing It #249

It’s Frustrating, It’s Annoying, You Can Silently Rage In Your Head, But You Can Never Lay Your Hand On Another Passenger’s Seat. You Are Effectively Hitting Them In The Process.

Seats recline on planes it’s how they are built, use it. And if you weren’t allowed to recline your seat on a flight, they wouldn’t make them that way. Just like how they took the cigarette ash tray out of the seats after you could no longer smoke on planes.

But they do recline and you have every right to use that recline. If you purchased a seat on a plane you have that space. You do not own a 6 foot radius around that seat.


If you booked the back row and your seat doesn’t recline that is on you. The seats in front of you don’t have to accommodate you. They paid for their seat as well and they were fortunate enough to buy the ones that actually recline. And it’s within their right to do so.

Just because the back row can’t, doesn’t mean they rest of the plane has to sacrifice. buy a better seat if you can’t handle it. So if the back row can’t recline and they want the person in front of them not to recline does that require the row in front of them to do the same and so on and so forth. It is a flaw in design that makes it so the back row can’t recline it. The seats only recline about two inches anyway not sure why they couldn’t add that.

A lady recently video tapped a man beating the back of her seat aggressively because she chose to recline her seat. Now she is looking to press charges against the man. And I think good for her. I’m not one to support abuse of the system the claims she is making are a bit over exaggerated but he should be made an example of. You can not hit someone in the back of the seat, it is an assault. Just like if you didn’t like the back pack I was wearing and you ran and gave me a flying kick in my back pack while I was wearing it. It’s not an assault on the chair or the backpack it’s an assault on the person.

There are all these fictitious made up flight etiquette rules that no one seems to actually know. Like middle seat gets both arm rest. In my experience middle usually gets the shaft on both. Unless you take it before anyone else and never move your arms off. This no recline thing is outrageous. If you want to recline, recline. It’s about making yourself as comfortable as possible within the tight confines of the seat you paid for. Can’t stand it, buy a first class ticket.