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Associations Of Ill Repute #207

It Is Said That You Are The Sum Total Of The Five People You Keep Associations with Most.

These associations matter. They matter when you want to be a better person and they matter when you find yourself in the gutter. Look around you and see who you spend your time with and see how they influence what you do and who you are. You will notice just how much you all act alike.

It came out today that our president was once an associate and friend with Jeffrey Epstein and through their associations with one another they would have get together’s. They threw a party in the early 90’s at his Mar-A-Lago estate with 28 women and just the two of them. Jeffrey is a billionaire financier who is currently on trial and facing 45 years in prison for sex trafficking and rape charges. He also had a pension for underage women, a fact that Donald has admitted in the past. He did not condemn this fact. Quite the contrary, he likened the man to himself. Donald once said, “he’s like me, he loves beautiful women and he likes them young.” It’s not surprising that the president had associations with this man in the past. Birds of a feather flock together

Consistent Misogynistic Displays

This president has talked candidly about grabbing women in their nether region. The man has been accused of cheating on wives with porn stars and playmates. Meanwhile, he ran pageants for decades with underage women and would frequently visit their dressing rooms while they changed. Feel free to read about his disgusting display at pageants in Rolling Stones, for example.

House Of Cards.

By all accounts this man’s house of cards should have crumbled years ago. Incredibly, he seems to build it up faster than anyone can tear it down. Understand, he is not a good person, politics aside. If you have any proper judge of character you can see this. Yet we always allowed the predator to walk freely among us. He always managed to justify his actions. And from the looks of it he avoided in engaging in blatantly illegal activities from what we know. He just always had associations with these wealthy criminals. What really has taken place? Will we ever know?

Ways To Improve.

5 closest associations

All we can really do is watch out for ourselves. Be careful who you associate with. If you find yourself engaging in actions of ill repute, look around you. It might be those closest to you that help facilitate your actions and it could be high time to disassociate and find a better class of individuals to surround yourself with.

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